Use Color Codes to Help the Front Desk Quickly Identify Block Out Time slots that can Accommodate Customer Appointments

With this release, you can assign different colors to Block Out Time Types from the organizational level. When you use color codes for Block Out Time Types, with a single glance at the Appointment Book, the front desk can distinguish between the different types of breaks such as lunch, meeting, and leaving early. 

These color codes help the front desk identify some breaks such as lunch break, that they can move around to accommodate guest appointments. Read Help article


Respond to Disputes for Payments Made Through Zenoti Payments

When a guest (cardholder) disputes a credit card transaction, the disputed amount and a dispute fee are automatically deducted from your account as per industry standards. 

With this upgrade, you can respond to these disputes directly through Zenoti, by submitting evidence to the cardholder’s bank. For example, you can provide proof that a service or a product was provided using a consent form signed by a customer or provide shipment details for a product. Providing such evidence helps you prove that the transaction was legitimate and thereby improves your chances of winning the dispute. If you win the dispute, the disputed amount and the fee is refunded to you. 

The Dispute Handling report enables you to track the status of all your disputes and actions that you may need to take from your end. Read Help article


Configure Services to Exempt Tips

You may offer some services that do not require a service provider.  For example, a sauna, steam room, or whirlpool tub are self-administered by a guest - at best, such services require an attendant to help the guest.

Usually, on the Appointment Book, you assign such services to dummy employees. In the past, if guests left tips for such services, you needed to manually ensure that the tip was not assigned to the dummy employee.  

Now, for services that do not require providers, you can enable the Don’t collect tip on this service setting at the organization level (Admin > Resources > Services). By doing this, when a guest leaves a tip against any invoice, Zenoti allocates the tip amounts only to the relevant services.
Note: If you want Zenoti to automatically split tips, ensure that the center level setting, Allow split tips is selected. Read Help article

Rollback Commissions on Returned Items 

Earlier, if a guest purchased an item such as a product, you most likely awarded a commission to the employee who helped sell the product. However, if the guest returned the product and received a refund, you could not reverse the commission paid to the employee. 

With this release, you can use the new organization level setting, Reverse commission on refunds, to reverse commissions on returned items such as products, services, memberships, and packages. Any deductions in commissions will show as negative values in the Employee Payroll Details report and the Employee Dashboard (Payroll) section. 

Note that by default, the Reverse commission on refunds is not selected. That is, by default, Zenoti does not reverse commissions on items sold. Read Help article


Track Purchase Orders Using Goods Received Receipt (GRR) Number

The Goods Received Receipt (GRR) number helps to track and match the goods received against a supplier's purchase or transfer orders. You can enable your center to generate and assign a unique GRR number to each purchase and transfer order marked as delivered (partially or fully). Read help article


Get more from your Opera integration

We have made the following enhancements to our integration capabilities with Opera (a Property Management Software by Oracle):

  • Seamless posting of charges to room - If you are a business with multiple properties, you can now configure Zenoti to seamlessly charge to a guest's room irrespective of the center the guest visits or the property the guest is checked into.

  • Pick the right room to charge - Always! - If a group checks-in to a property under a single name, searching the guest name to post room charges now shows all the rooms associated with the guest. You can choose the right room to post a charge.

  • Do more than just void - Earlier you could only void a payment. You can now not only void a payment, you can also remove Tips/Service Staff Gratuity (SSG) from the invoice.

  • Get the complete picture - Receipts, invoices, and Collection by Item report, for all charge to room transactions now show additional information such as guest's name, room number, and the name of the center where charged.

  • Easy Reconciliation - You can now reconcile room charges using invoice numbers. Additionally, you can configure separate transaction codes for Tips, SSG, and Tax.

Read Help article


Make your Campaigns Consistent with New Permission

Earlier, anyone who had permissions to create or edit a campaign, could create or edit one and publish it to the guests (via media, email, or text messages). 

While this gave flexibility to your centers to create and publish their campaigns, there was no way to ensure that the newly published campaigns adhered to your brand’s marketing guidelines.

We have now added a new Send/Schedule permission for campaigns. Users with only Add or Edit campaign permissions can only create or edit a campaign but not send it to the guests. Users with Send/Schedule permission can review the campaigns, make changes if required, and can send the campaign immediately or schedule it for future. 

This in effect gives you more control on your campaigns and gives you a chance to ensure consistency in branding.
Note: Users who currently have Add or Edit permissions will additionally be assigned Send/Schedule permission after the update. Read Help article


Enhanced Search Functionality to Locate a Center 

Your guests can now use the search bar in the Webstore to find the desired center (this is useful to multi-location businesses). 

Guests can now enter a center name, city, zip code, or their current location to locate a center. The map is now also linked to the center’s Webstore page. 

Note that all Webstores will be automatically updated with these enhancements.


GST Ready with Zenoti

Goods and Service Tax (GST) was introduced in India on July 1st, 2017, and all businesses in India are required to be GST compliant.

We have made a number of updates to Zenoti that will help you run your business in a GST compliant manner. Read Help article


  • Check out consumable (professional) products in bulk with a scanner
    Zenoti now allows you to scan and check out bulk quantities of consumables (professional) products used at your center. To do this, click the new Bulk Check Out button on the Check Out page (Inventory > Consumables > Check Out), and start scanning the products. After you have scanned all the products, click Check Out. Zenoti checks out all the scanned products simultaneously. Read Help article

  • Search for purchase orders using notes
    You can now search for purchase orders using the notes entered while raising orders. To do this, enter the text in the search field on the Manage Procurement page, and all purchase orders containing the text display. Read Help article

  • View Service Staff Gratuity (SSG) amounts in the employee payroll reports and in the employee dashboard
    With this release, you can see SSG amounts in the Employee Payroll Summary report, Employee Payroll Details report, and the Employee Dashboard (Payroll) section. Read Help article

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