After you integrate Zenoti with Opera, for the services a guest avails, you can submit the charges of the guest as charge to the guest's room.

To charge to a room using Zenoti:

1. In the Appointment Book, click on the appointment block of the guest    
   whose charges you wish to charge to the room and click Take Payment.
   The POS opens.

2. In the Collect Payment section, click the Custom tab.
    The Custom Payment screen opens.

3. From the drop-down of the Payment Data field, select the custom payment you
    created for charging to a guest's room (this is the custom payment name you
    specified for Opera in the Agent Name field).
    The Center Name, Room Number, Name, and Additional Data fields appear.

4. (Optional) If the guest belongs to a different center, click Change and select the
    desired center.
    Note: Only the centers that have the same Group Code appear in the list.

5. Search for the guest's room and name using one of the following methods:

  • Enter the guest's room number in the Room Number field and press Enter. The guest's name associated with the room appears.

  • Enter the guest's name in the Name field and press Enter. The room number associated with the guest appears.

6. In the Additional Data field, enter your comments, if any.

7. Click Add Payment.
    The amount is charged to the guest's room.

8. Close the invoice using one of the Close buttons (Print or Email).

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