1.  In the Appointment Book, open the guest's profile.

The Guest Details page appears.

2. Select the Memberships tab.

The tab displays a list of all the memberships purchased by the guest.

3. Look for the invoice whose value you want to refund, and then:

  • Click the Refund icon in the Refund column of the invoice, or

  • Click the invoice number, and then click I want to > Refund Invoice.

The Refund Invoice window appears.

4. On the Select Items page, select the membership you want to refund.

5. A dialog may appear asking you to enter the reason for the refund in the Comments box. Enter your comments.

Optionally, select the Close membership checkbox, if the guest wants to discontinue the membership after the refund, and then click Save.

6. Enter the amount to be refunded in the Refund Amount field.

The refund amount cannot exceed the remaining membership balance. Also, when processing a refund, the tax that was received on the amount is deducted from the relevant accounts for the center.

7. Click Select Refund Mode.

The Payment Methods page appears. 

8. Choose how you want to refund the payment. Learn how


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