1.  In the Appointment Book, if you want to access the waitlist for a date different than the current date, select the date in the calendar. 

The Appointment Book opens to the selected date. 

2. Click the Waitlist icon.

The Waitlist panel appears.

3. Click Manage Waitlist to expand the section.

The panel displays all the waitlisted guests for the selected date.

4. Click Book next to the guest whose appointment has become available. 

The Appointment Info panel opens with the guest and service details. The Start Time of the service is set to the current time. 

5. Make any additions or changes, and click Save

Upon successful booking, Zenoti removes the entry from the waitlist and moves any waitlist notes to the appointment as Appointment Notes. 

Note: If the appointment is not booked successfully, the entry remains in the waitlist. 

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