Zenoti allows you to waitlist guests that call in for an appointment on busy days or during peak hours. Turning down customers results in a loss of revenue. Instead, you can capture a guest's appointment request in the waitlist. This information can later be used to book an appointment if and when the preferred time slot or therapist becomes available.

Important Notes:

  • The waitlist is linked to the date in the Appointment Book. To add a waitlist entry for a different date, change the date of the Appointment Book to the required day.

  • A waitlist entry can only contain a single service request. For guests with multiple service requests, you must add a separate waitlist entry for each service.

  • Only an employee can add guests to a waitlist. Guests cannot add themselves to a waitlist from Webstore, CMA, or Kiosk.

To waitlist a guest

1.  In the Appointment Book, if you are adding a waitlist entry for a date different than the current date, select the date in the calendar. 

The Appointment Book opens to the selected date.

2. Click the Waitlist icon.

The Waitlist panel appears.

3. Click Add to Waitlist to expand the section.

4. Based on whether the guest is new or an existing one, specify the guest's details as follows:

  • If new: Click New Guest, and then enter the first name, last name, mobile number, gender, code, email to create the guest's profile.
    Note: You must enter all the guest details that your organization has configured to be mandatory. Learn more

  • If existing: Click Existing Guest (if not selected by default). Type the guest's first name, last name, email, or phone, and select a matching profile from the list of auto suggestions. 

5. In the Service field, start typing the name of the service that the guest wants to avail and select an appropriate match from the list of suggestions.

6. (Optional) In the Request field, specify the guest's preference of the service provider (male, female, or a specific provider).

7. (Optional) In the Time field, select the start and end time between which the guest is available or prefers an appointment.

8. (Optional) To enter any useful notes that the guest has provided, click Add Note.
Note: If this waitlist item later changes to an appointment, the notes entered in this box are converted to Appointment Notes.

9. Click Waitlist.

A message appears stating that the waitlist entry has been successfully added.

10. If the guest has another service request, repeat the above steps to add it as a separate waitlist entry. 

11. To view the waitlist entries, expand the Manage Waitlist tab.

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