You can manually process payments using credit or debit cards if your center did not configure an integrated payment gateway.

Before you begin

Ensure that your organization is configured to allow credit or debit card payments.
Learn how 

To process a credit or debit card payment

  1. Launch the POS window.

  2. (Optional) Review and edit the invoice, if required.

  3. In the Collect Payment section, select Credit/Debit.
     - The total amount is automatically displayed in the Amount field.
     - The tip and gratuity amount are automatically displayed in the Tip and Support
       Staff Gratuity (SSG) fields based on the configuration your organization or
       center has.
    Note: If you have the required permissions, you can edit the tip and SSG amounts.

  4. In the Card Type field, select the required card.

   5. (Optional) In the Card # (last four digits), Bank Name, Terminal, Receipt #,
       or Expiry fields, enter or select the desired information.
   6. In the Cashback field, enter the cashback amount.
   7. Click Add Payment.
      Zenoti adds the payment to the invoice.

     Note: In the Type column, details of a card used in the transaction such as the
     Card Type, Card Expiry Date, and Bank Name are displayed.
   8. To close the invoice, click print or email button.

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