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Ensure that your organization is configured to process cash payments. Learn how 

To process a cash payment

1.  Launch the POS window.

2. Review and edit the invoice, if required.

3. In the Collect Payment section, select Cash (if not selected by default).

4. If your center is configured to collect cash in multiple currencies, a Select Currency field appears. Select the currency that the guest wants to pay in.

The POS window automatically populates the Amount field with the total price of the invoice.

It also populates the Tip and Support Staff Gratuity (SSG) fields based on if and how your organization or center has configured them.

Note: You can edit the tip and SSG amounts, provided your organization allows you to do so and you have the required permissions.

5. Click Add Payment.

Zenoti adds the cash payment to the invoice.

6. Click the print or email button to close the invoice.

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