Note: By default, Managers and Owners have the permission to add, edit, and delete referral sources.

What are referral sources?

In Zenoti, referrals are the sources that have brought the customer to your center. Capturing the right referral source for a new guest appointment is critical to determine how your guests are coming to know of your center.

Based on your requirement, you can create different referral sources. These are made available for selection while creating a new guest. For instance, you can create referrals such as newspaper advertisements, the internet, coupons, or seasonal campaigns. When a new guest walks in for an appointment, your front desk staff must select the right referral source based on the guest's response.

Tip: You can review the referral source report to track which referral source is bringing in the most number of new guests. To view the report, navigate from the center level to Reports > Loyalty > Select the Referral Source report.

To create referral sources

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Categories > Referrals.

  2. Click Add at the top-right corner of the page.

  3. On the General page, enter the following details:

  • Name: Enter the name for the referral source. 

  • Description: Enter a description.

  • Active: Select if you want this referral to show up as an option for all centers while booking an appointment for a new guest.
    You can clear this checkbox if you want to deactivate the referral source for all centers.

   5. Do one of the following:

  • Click Next to go to the Centers tab. Go to step 6.

  • Click Finish if you want the referral source to apply to all the centers by default. 

   6. On the Centers tab, select the centers at which this referral source should apply.
       Note: By default, all the centers are selected. Click the Centers checkbox to clear
       all the fields, and then select the specific centers.

     Tip: If you are creating the referral source from a center level (Admin >
     Categories > Referrals)
, only your center name appears on the
     Centers tab and is selected by default. Clear the checkbox to make
     the referral source inactive for your center only.

     7. Click Finish.
         The referral source is available for selection when creating a new guest.

Note: Centers can remove themselves from a referral source at any time. To do so, navigate from the center level to Admin > Categories > Referrals. Clear the checkbox beside the center name to make the referral source inactive for that center only.

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