Note: You must first enable prescriptions for use at your organization and center.

What is a prescription set?

A Prescription Set consists of a combination of prescriptions, dosage, and instructions such as medications, injections, or diet plans along with the dosage and instructions.
A prescription set allows you to add several prescription items in one go, without having to manually enter each item separately.

How is it useful? 

When entering prescription data (from the Appointment Book), the front desk staff can simply select and add a prescription set to the prescription, instead of manually entering the information. The same information can be printed and emailed to the guest.

To create a Prescription Set

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Resources > Prescription Sets.

  2. Click Add to create a new prescription set.

  3. On the General page, complete the following fields:

  • Name: Enter a name for the prescription. Example: Botox after care

  • Description: Enter a description. Example: Post treatment care after Botox

  5. Click Next to add prescription items.

  6.  On the Items page, complete the following:

  • Item name: Enter the name of the item or select the relevant name from the list of auto-suggestions.
    Note: You can also create prescription items from Admin >  Resources > Prescription

  • Potency: Enter the item/dosage potency level such as strong, high, low, or medium indication level. Example: Strong medication (only for adults).

  • Dosage: Enter the intake quantity of the dosage. Example: 2 per day

  •  Instructions: Enter the dosage instructions such as after meals or before meals.

  7.  Repeat the steps to add additional items to the prescription set.
      Note: Click the red cross to delete any items from the prescription set.

 10. Click Finish.  

11.  Click Ok when the Prescription set saved successfully pop-up appears.
     The prescription set is now created and is made available on every prescription
     generated from the Appointment Book.

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