Through Analytics Express, Zenoti gives you visibility into key metrics that are most important across various facets of your business.

Analytics Express is a set of predesigned dashboards that let you understand drivers of top-line, guest satisfaction, provider performance, as well as other operational areas. They let you answer questions such as:

  • Is my top-line improving month-on-month and year-on-year?

  • Are we delivering a good service experience? What are guests happy or unhappy about?

  • How are self-service bookings contributing to my business?

  • How busy are my providers?

  • How well are we promoting retail?

  • Are my marketing campaigns generating results?

To view the Analytics Express dashboards, click the Analytics icon.


  • If you cannot view this tab, contact your Manager/Admin.

  • If Analytics is enabled at the organization level, it will be auto-enabled for new centers.

This brings up the Analytics page that opens to the Analytics Express tab by default.

The following dashboards are part of Analytics Express and are displayed by default on the Analytics Express tab:

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