Custom fields once created are editable and changes can be made to the display order, group assignment, or to its other properties.

To edit a service custom field

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Custom Fields > Services.

  3. To locate a field, search by using the field name or description.
    You can further filter your search, by using the Field Type and View drop-down boxes.

  4. Click the relevant field details to edit the information

Note: After adding a service custom field, the field gets active by default. You can also deactivate a service custom field by clearing the Active checkbox next to the field. 

  • To edit a label value click the orange pen icon.
    The Enter Label Details window opens.
    Edit the  Field name and Value of the label and click Save.

  5. Click Save.
       The field details are saved. 


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