You can use Zenoti’s Appointment Book to refund the purchase price of memberships, either partially or fully. To refund an amount paid for a membership, you can either use a single payment type or split the amount across various payment types enabled for your organization (such as cash, credit cards, gift cards, and checks). 

You can use any payment type for the refund, irrespective of the original mode of payment. You can also choose to issue a prepaid card worth the purchase price of the membership, which the guest can redeem later.

When you refund payment made for a membership, Zenoti gives you the option to close the membership. If it is a recurring membership, you can stop all the recurring payments.

Memberships that are fully refunded are no longer valid and have all the membership benefits revoked. However, if you process a partial refund, the membership credits are reduced accordingly, but the service credits and the discount benefits remain unchanged.

Based on whether you know the invoice number, use one of the following ways to refund payments for memberships:

Important: You can only refund active memberships. If the membership is in the Closed or Cancelled status, you have to first reinstate the membership before you can refund.

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