You can use guest custom fields to capture additional guest related information, beyond the regular details provided at the time of creating a new guest profile. For example, you can create guest custom fields to record if a guest is allergic to specific chemicals or to simply create a regular guest sign-up form.

Based on your requirement, you can create multiple guest custom fields and then include these fields in custom forms. Your front desk staff can then access the form and enter these critical details from the Appointment Book, or even email the form to the guests.

To create a guest custom field

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Custom Fields > Guests.

  3. Click Add Field.

  4. On the Add New Field window, enter the following information:

  • Field name: Enter the name for the guest custom field. Example: Patient History
    Note: The field name is also shown to guests in the Webstore and mobile app. 

  • Field Code: Provide a field code. A field code is typically used to easily associate a field name to its code, especially when in a group. Example: PH_01 

  • Description: Enter a description for the field. Example: Guest's medical history. You can search for a field using the description and provides administrators an understanding about the field. 

  • Field Type: Select the field type. The field type determines the type of data that a user can enter into the field such as a checkbox, text box, drop-down list, yes/no, or radio button.
    Note: Choose the Label option if you want to include additional information in place of the field name. After selecting the Label option, in the Text field, you can enter multiple paragraphs along with bullet points (bullets points can be added using copy/paste).
    If the custom field type is Drop-down, select the list value from the drop-down. Important: List values are first created and then made available as an option in the drop-down. Learn more: Create or update a custom list.

  • Display Order: Enter the display order for the field.
    Tip: If you do not enter any value, then the field appears at the top of the form.
    The field display order defines the sequence in which the custom fields display in the custom form from the Appointment Book, Webstore, and mobile app.

  • Group Name: Enter the group name for the field, if it forms part of any group or you can enter a new group name.
    Note: When you start typing a group name, existing group names show as auto-suggestions. A new group is created automatically if it does not already exist.  

  • Group Display order: Enter the group display order for the group. The display order will define the sequence in which the groups will be shown in the Appointment Book, Webstore, and mobile apps.

  • Print Data on Invoice: Select if you want to include the field information on printed receipts.

  • Required: Select if it is a mandatory field.
    Note: If this checkbox is selected the guest cannot submit the form in the Webstore/mobile app unless the field is filled.

  • Allow guest to view: Select if you want the guest to view the field in the Webstore and on mobile apps.
    Note: In case you use internal notes, you can use this option to hide the field from guests.

  • Allow guest to edit: Select if you want the guest to be able to edit the field in the Webstore and on mobile apps.
    Note: If this checkbox is selected the Allow guest to view checkbox will be automatically selected.  

  • Show this field on its own in a single row: Select if you want the field to appear in a single row with no other field next to it.
    Note: We use a two-column layout to show most of the fields (other than labels and large text boxes). Single row fields appear in a single column layout as shown in the following image:

  • Click Add Field to add the new field to the form or click Add & Continue to continue creating another new field.

   5. Click Preview, to know how the custom field appears to your front desk. You
       cannot preview a field before adding it.
       Important: The Preview option allows you to see how the form appears to the
       front desk and not to the guest since some fields can be hidden from the

Tip: You can make fields "active" or "inactive". Only "active" fields appear on custom forms. To mark a field as inactive, navigate to Admin > Custom Feilds > Guests > On the Guest Custom Field page, clear the Active checkbox against the appropriate field name.

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