You can choose to define different alert rules for each center. However, this action at the center level overrides the default organization level alert definition. 

Before you begin

Ensure to enable alerts at your center. To do so, navigate to Admin > Organization > Centers > Select the center name > Settings > expand General > Select Enable Alerts.

To activate and define various alerts at the center level

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Centers > Select the center name.

  3. Click the Alerts tab.

  4. Select the toggle switch to ON / OFF for the alerts you want to activate or disable or click the Edit link to edit the alert rule.
    An Edit Alter Rule window opens.
    To learn the meaning of all the alerts available on this page, read: Understanding Employee Alerts

  5. Select the Override default organization settings for this center checkbox to override the alert definition. 

   6. Edit the information as follows:

  • Select the Enable alert checkbox to turn on the alert or clear the checkbox to disable this alert for the center.   

  • Define the threshold from when the alert should trigger. 

  • Select the Delivery Mode as SMS or Email.

  • Select the user or role that should receive the alert.

  • Click Add.
    Similarly, you can add multiple rules.

    7. Click Save.
       The alert is now saved for the center and will override the organization level alert

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