After alerts are enabled for your organization, you can activate specific alerts for various actions performed by staff members or get reminded of tasks that need attention. For example, you may want to be alerted when there are too many OTP overrides authorized at a center or when the stock level of a product is running low.

To activate various alerts

  1. At the Organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. Click the Alerts tab.
    Note: The Alerts tab appears only if the Enable Alerts checkbox is selected.

  4. Set the toggle switch to ON for the alerts you want to activate.
    To learn the meaning of all the alerts available on this page, read: Understanding Employee Alerts

   5. To edit the alert, click Edit next to the alert.
       The Edit Alert Rule window opens.

           a)  Define the threshold from when the alert should trigger.
           b)  Select the Delivery Mode as SMS or Email.
           c)  Select the user or role that should receive the alert.
           d)  Click Add.
                Similarly, you can add multiple rules.

  6. Click Save.
      The alerts are now saved.

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