With GST enabled for your organization and your invoices configured with the
GST-specific formats, the POS window generates different types of invoices based on the sale items included. 

For example, it generates a Refund Voucher upon processing the refund of a prepaid card (without taxes), but upon processing the refund of a service or a product, it generates a Credit Note.

As per GST India, it is mandatory to display the invoice type (in the header) along with its associated sequence on all the invoices/receipts generated at a center.
Learn how to automatically include this information in all invoices/receipts

Important: Zenoti will not generate GST sequences for:

  • Invoices generated prior to July 1, 2017

  • Redemption of prepaid payment instruments (such as packages) sold before July 1, 2017

The following are the different invoice types that the POS generates based on sale items:

You can configure your invoices to display customized invoice headers and prefixes. Learn how

: In case you need help configuring GST, contact us at GstHelp@zenoti.com

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