If you have enabled Goods and Service Tax (GST) for your organization, it is imperative that your purchase orders include the address of delivery, date of shipment, and date of delivery.

Your organization can make these fields mandatory in Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Inventory.

To update purchase orders with the mandatory details

  1. At the center level, click the Inventory icon and navigate to Procurement > Orders.

  2. To open a specific purchase order, enter its number in the Order No field, and click Search. Else, proceed to Step 4.

  3. In the Select a Report drop-down list, select List of Orders.

  4. In the Order Type list, select Purchase Orders

  5. In the Status list, select either Delivered or Raised.

  6. Select the duration, and then click Refresh

  7. Click the reference number of the order that you want to update.
    The Purchase Order opens with details such as product code, product name, the quantity of the product ordered, and unit price. 

  8. Enter the following information:
    - Address of delivery: Address of the center where the shipment was delivered
    - Date of shipment: Date when the order was shipped
    - Date of delivery: Date when the order was delivered

  10. Click Save.

Note: If you are raising a purchase order from another center (acting as a vendor), and if the GSTIN of the center is different from that of your center, a Tax Invoice number is generated automatically and appears on the purchase order.

For every part delivery, a new Tax Invoice number is generated. For Transfer Orders, a tax invoice number is generated at the time of creating the order.

The Tax Invoice number is not different from the regular Tax Invoice numbers generated in the POS window during the sale certain items. Tax invoice numbers are generated in sequence numbers for invoices (including purchase orders and transfer orders).

In case you need help configuring GST, contact us at GstHelp@zenoti.com.

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