Before you begin

Tax groups will first need to be created, defined, and enabled for centers from the organization level. Read: Create Tax Groups

After you have defined the tax groups, you can associate them with various items at your center such as services, classes, products, memberships, packages, gift cards, and inventory.
Selecting the tax groups here makes them available for selection when creating or modifying an individual item from the organization level. For example, if you select “Service Tax” as the tax group for “Services” at the center level, then when creating or modifying a service, “Service tax” will appear for selection when defining the price for the service.
Important: You must go to the individual service, product, or package and select the applicable tax group. If you do not select the tax group at the individual item level, no tax component will apply to the invoice in the Point of Sale (POS) window.

To associate tax groups to various items in a center

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Centers.

  3. Select the center name.

  4. Click the Tax Groups tab.

  5. Select the tax group that is applicable for services, classes, products, memberships, packages, gift cards, and inventory.  

    1. For gift cards and memberships, only a single tax group can be selected.

    2. The tax group selected for inventory applies to purchase orders and transfer orders.

    3. Default tax group for retail products: You can set a default tax group that will apply to all retail products sold at a center. This default tax group will be applied automatically when a new retail product is created.

  6. Click Save.
    The tax group association is saved. You can now select the saved tax groups for services, products, packages, and inventory. 

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