Important: You must have access to the center level settings to enable this feature.

A GRR number helps to track and match the goods received against a supplier's purchase or transfer orders. You can enable your center to generate and assign a unique GRR number to each purchase and transfer order marked as delivered (partially or fully).

You can also define a prefix and a starting number for the GRR number. For instance, if you add GRR as the prefix and 10 as the starting number, the first GRR number generated after enabling the setting will be GRR11.

To enable your center to automatically generate a GRR number

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Centers.
    The Edit Center page opens.

  3. Select the Settings tab and expand Inventory.

  4. Scroll down to the Auto generate Goods Received Receipt number setting and select it.
    Note: This setting is disabled by default. 

  5. In the Prefix field, enter an alphanumeric code of your choice.
    This code is added to the beginning of each GRR number generated.

  6. In the GRRN Start Value field, enter a numeric code of your choice.
    The next GRR number generated at your center will be the succeeding number of the GRRN Start Value. For instance, if you add 10 as the start value, the next GRR number will be 11.

  7. Click Save.
      Hereafter, Zenoti assigns a unique GRR number to each partially and fully                       delivered purchase and transfer order. 

Zenoti also assigns an automatic GRR number when you create a purchase order to return products to vendors.

When the above setting is enabled, the List of Orders by Partials report displays the GRR number for each delivered order. 

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