Each role has permissions that can be enabled at the organization level. Usually, an employee has one role assigned. However, in some cases, an employee may have multiple roles. In such cases, Zenoti honors the permissions granted for the highest role.
Example: Consider the case of an employee, Suzanne D Costa. She has two roles – Administrator and Manager. For Employee related functions, the following permissions are granted at the organization level:   

  • Administrator role > Commission Setting permission:  View commission settings

  • Manager role > Commission Setting permission:  Edit, View, and Add commission settings

Note that, in Zenoti, the Administrator role ranks higher in precedence compared to the Manager role. As a result, Suzanne will only be able to "View" the employee commission settings. She cannot add or edit the commission settings, even though she has these permissions - because these permissions are accorded to her as part of a lower role in Zenoti.

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