You can enable transfer of service credits for a membership only at the organization level. This step appears only if you have set Membership Benefits to Service Credits or to Both

You can access these options when creating a membership and when you edit a membership.

To enable transfer of service credits for an existing membership

  1. In the Service Credits tab, set Allow Service Replacement? to Yes.

  2. From the Service Equality Template list, select the appropriate option. Services implied for the service credits are determined in the service equality template.
    Note: You can create a new service equality template as an administrator, under Organization level > Admin icon > Setup > Service Equality Templates

  3. From the How often credits should be given? option, define how often service credits should be awarded to the customer.
    - One-Time: Allows the guests to use their free services and discounts throughout
      the period of the membership.
    - Payment frequency: Guests accumulate benefits with each payment throughout    the period of the membership.
    Note: Service categories that have services configured are only displayed in the list. If all services configured to a service category are deleted, the respective category is not listed.

  4. Click Save.

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