You can use Zenoti’s bulk booking feature to book appointments for large groups (more than six guests) where all the guests take the same service. For example, corporate bookings or wedding parties may have 20 people or more, who all want a facial or a massage. Instead of creating individual appointments for each of these 20 guests, you can quickly create a bulk booking for them using the Booking Wizard. 

Book Bulk Appointments

1. Open the Appointment Book wizard

In the Appointment Book, select the date on which you want to book the bulk appointment.
Click the Booking Wizard icon.

The Appointment Book wizard opens.

2. Specify the number of guests

In the No. of Guests drop-down list, select >6.
: You may see different in-line help text here such as No. of Clients or No. of Guests depending on the label name for ‘Guests’ that your administrator has configured from the organizational level (Admin icon > Organization > Organizations > Settings > General > Guest). 

Enter the number of guests in the box against it.

3. Specify the name of the guest (who is hosting the bulk booking) 

  • If it is an existing guest, enter the guest's name, mobile, email, or code in the Search by Customer name, mobile, email, code field, and select a match from the list of suggestions.

  • To add a new guest, click + New Guest.

If you have selected an existing guest, the wizard displays the guest’s information such as the guest's open appointments, due amount, and links to the guest’s packages, memberships, and notes.

4. Select the service

Enter the name of the service or select one from the list of services.

Note: You can only select one service per bulk booking and the same service is applicable to all the guests that are part of the appointment.

Based on your selection, the right panel of the wizard displays the available time slots.

5. Specify the guest count per available slot

a) If no slots are available for the selected date or if you want to change the date, click the calendar icon to change the date.  

b) To change the time range, click the existing Time Range, and select from the list of options.

c) In the Guest Count column, enter the number of guests that you want to book per available slot.

d) Click Review & Book.

The Confirmation page appears. 

6. Review your booking

Zenoti holds your time slot for a few minutes (hold time) until you confirm the booking.
Tip: Administrators or business owners can configure the hold time for a booking from the setting, Appointment Hold Time from the organization level (Admin icon > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Appointment Book). For example, if Appointment Hold Time is set to 5 minutes and you click Book, the Booking Wizard holds your booking for 5 minutes (the timer counts down the time remaining). Ideally, you must confirm your booking within this hold time.

If you want to modify the booking then, you can go back to the booking page by clicking Go Back. Else, click Book to proceed with the booking.
A confirmation page appears.

The confirmation page shows the service name, date of booking, total duration of appointment, details of the booking host, and rows for other guests (temporarily named as Dummy Guests) along with their appointment start time.  

Replace Dummy Guests with actual details of the guests: their First and Last names, corresponding Email IDs, and Mobile numbers. Check if they are existing guests by clicking the link 'Existing?'.
Click Save to save the guests information.

A confirmation message: "Saved Successfully" appears on the booking wizard. Close the booking wizard window.

The bulk appointments now appear in the Appointment Book, on the selected date. 

Points to Consider

To ensure that adequate slots are available for bulk booking, ensure the Double-booking for Therapists setting at the organization level is set to Allow.

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