A 'product' in Zenoti is categorized into Retail and Consumable.
Retail products are sold to guests and consumable products are used by your staff to deliver services.
Note that one of the basic setups in using the Inventory in Zenoti is to enter all the products in your Zenoti system. 

To add or update a product

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Resources > Products.

  2. Click Add at the top-right corner of the page, or click the name of an existing product to edit it.

4. Enter or update the General details of the product.
Important: While you are updating a product, if you change the type of the product, let’s say that you are changing the product type from consumable to retail, Zenoti does not convert the current stock to retail. You have to manually do the conversion to update the stock level and value.

5. Make the product available to centers, enter the price, tax, and stock details.
Note: You can also bulk enter or update price and tax details for multiple centers in the Bulk Edit mode.

6. (Applicable only when adding a new product) On the Vendors page, click Next to open the Catalog page.
The Catalog page opens.
7. Configure catalog settings.
8. Add the product variants.
9. Relate the products and services that you would like to cross-sell with this product on the Webstore.
10. Click Finish when you have added all the new product details or Save if you have edited existing product details.
The product is now added or updated.

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