You can configure your receipts to automatically include all the mandatory GST information in the header area while printing or emailing the receipt from the Point of Sale (POS) window. 

Before you begin

To add additional GST details in the header

  1. At the organization level, click Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations > Click the Email/Texts tab > Scroll down to the Configuration section.

  3. Click Edit next to the Customer Email Receipt Header template.

  4. In the Available Macros list (at the right-hand side of the page), locate the following macros, and then paste them into the HTML edit window:

  • [GSTIN]: Prints the center's GSTN on the receipt

  • [StateCode]: Prints the center's state code on the receipt

  • [CenterPAN]: Prints the center's PAN on the receipt

  • [TaxHeader]: Automatically inserts the header according to the sale items. For example, the sale of a service/product would display the Tax Invoice header or sale of prepaid cards/gift cards without tax would display the Advance Receipt header.
    Read: Types of Invoices Generated for GST India.

  • [InvoiceSequence]: Displays the appropriate invoice number (also called as document number) along with the above tax header. 

   5. Click Save.
       All subsequent receipts printed will include these details in the header

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