Easily Refund Tips and Support Staff Gratuity (SSG) 

When processing a full refund on a service, you can now also refund any tips and SSG associated with the service. The Refund Invoice page now includes options to refund tips and SSG amounts. See the following image for reference.
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Prompt to Split Commission between Employees

At times, your front desk staff may overlook adding other employees (eligible for a commission) to be associated with a sale in the Point of Sale window. In such cases, you previously had to go back to the invoices and add employees to split the commission. 

Now, you can use the new organization level setting, Show split commission prompt for, to display a prompt on invoices that reminds the front desk to add more employees to the Sale by list If more than one employee is associated with the sale of services, products, memberships, packages, and gift cards. Read Help article

Easily Select a Custom Payment Option in the Point of Sale (POS) Window  

The Custom Payment field of the POS window now allows you to type the first few letters of a custom payment option, and then select from a list of matching suggestions. This feature is useful if you have a large number of companies configured under custom payments. Read Help article


Apply Multiple Service Credits to a Single Invoice Item of More than One Quantity  

Previously, if a guest with multiple service credits availed the same variant of a service multiple times during an appointment (for example Botox injections or hair streaks), your front office needed to add the service multiple times and redeem the service credits against each of them.

With this release, your front office can add the service just one time, update the quantity, and redeem the membership.

For example, if a guest takes three Botox injections during an appointment, you would add just one Botox service in the invoice, update the quantity to 3, and redeem the membership.

Support for Tags in Target Segments 

When you create a target segment based on Visits, you can now specify tags for the following filter criteria: Appointment Count, Frequency by Service, Last Visit by Service, and Next Visit by Service. Read Help article


New Report to Track Adjustments Made to Tips 

At times, tips given to service providers may need to be adjusted. For example, after a tip is given to employee A, the tip may need to be split between employee A and employee B (because employee B assisted in providing the service but the front desk did not split the tip amount in the first instance). 

At times, a tip may have been wrongly given to an employee (employee A instead of employee B). In such a case, the entire tip amount needs to be deducted from employee A and given to employee B. 

With this release, you can run the new Tips Adjustments report to view a detailed log of all such adjustments made to tips. For a selected time period, you can view details such as the invoice numbers for which tips were adjusted, the date on which tips were adjusted, and the tip amount before and after the adjustment. 

You can also click the invoice number on the report to view the corresponding invoice and edit tips if required. This report considers only closed invoices and is especially useful when you want to track changes made to tips across pay periods. You can access the report from Reports > Employee > Sales > Tip Adjustments. Read Help article


Easily Identify Tax Groups by their Codes  

With this release, when you create a new tax group, you must enter a unique identifier for each tax group in the new Code field (Organization level > Admin > Set Up > Tax Groups). This helps to easily identify a tax group by its code. Adding tax codes in this manner is especially useful when you perform data imports. Read Help article 

Use Zenoti Payments to Process Card Payments in the Desktop POS 

Currently, you can use Zenoti Payments and a POSzle pack to:

  • Take payments from anywhere at the store, not just the front desk.

  • Give an option to the guest to enter a tip amount.

  • Show transaction details to the guest in real time.

If you do not need the flexibility offered by the POSzle pack, Zenoti now allows you to connect a Miura card reader directly to a desktop POS running on Windows and process card payments. Read Help article


  • View the monetary value of loyalty points on Guest Profile: The Points tab of the Guest Details page (Guest Profile) now allows you to view the monetary value of loyalty points, in addition to the loyalty points' balance. Read Help article

  • New macros in Email and Text campaigns: Three new macros: [CenterE-mail], [CenterZip], and [CenterState], are now available when you create email and text campaigns. You can use these macros to specify the center’s email address, zip code, and the state your center is in.

  • Guest address printed on receipts now includes pin/zip code: Previously, guests’ addresses printed on receipts did not include pin or zip codes. With this release, you can enable the organization level setting, Print guest address on receipt, to print a guest’s address with the pin or zip code.

  • New columns in the Employee Payroll Details report on export: Earlier, when you exported the Employee Payroll Details report to Excel or .CSV, the employee’s first and last name appeared in the same column of the exported report. Now, you will see the employee’s First name and Last name listed in separate columns.
    Also, a new Job column is now available in the exported report. Note: You will see these changes only if you choose to export All employees. Read Help article

  • Allow guests to use balance left on prepaid cards after partial refund: Earlier, if a guest purchased a prepaid card and took a partial refund of the amount, then the guest had no way to use the balance that still remained on the prepaid card.
    With this release, guests can use the balance on the prepaid card to redeem services.
    Example: A guest purchases a prepaid card worth $500 and redeems $300 worth of services (leaving a balance of $200). The guest now asks for a refund of $150. Earlier, the guest had no way of using the balance amount ($50) that remained on the card. With this release, the guest can avail services on the remaining $50 of the prepaid card. Read Help article 

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