In Zenoti, you can enable the printing of the new GST India specific invoice formats at the center level. This includes all the additional information made mandatory for GST India.

Before you begin

  1. Ensure that you have created the appropriate tax groups for GST and have enabled them for centers. Read: Create Tax Groups.

  2. Assign the GST tax groups to various items at the center such as services, products, memberships, packages, and gift cards. Read: Associate Tax Groups to Various Items in a Center

  3. Update the tax group for each service, product, and package at the organization level with the GST tax group. Read: Update the Tax Group for Various Business Offerings – GST India 

 To enable the GST India receipt format

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Centers

  3. Select your center.

  4. Go to the Settings tab.

  5. Expand Invoice & Receipt section.

  6. Select the GST receipt – India option as the Printer Format. 

  7. Click Save.

After selecting this option, Zenoti by default, prints receipts with GST information.

Tip: If you want the receipts to include your center’s GSTIN, PAN, and state code, then configure these templates to include this information: Customer Email Receipt Header and Customer Email Receipt Footer.
After configuration, these details get printed on receipts along with the above mandatory information.

Note: In case you need help configuring GST, contact us at

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