If your organization has enabled GST India, an additional field to capture the guests Permanent Account Number (PAN) appears in the Guests Profile page (General tab). This is not a mandatory field.
However, you have the option to make guest PAN and address mandatory if the invoice amount exceeds a specified limit. If this option is enabled, then the front desk gets prompted to enter the details in the POS window. Without which, Zenoti does not process the payment.

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You will find the following instructions:

  • Setting to make guest PAN and address compulsory if the invoice amount exceeds a specified limit

  • How to add capture guest PAN number from the guest's profile page

To make guest PAN and address mandatory

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization> Centers.

  2. Click the Settings tab and expand Invoice & Receipt.

  3. Select Enforce entry of guest address and PAN when invoice amount is more than Rs and enter the threshold amount. 

   5. Click Save.
       If not already captured, the front desk will now be prompted to enter the guest
       PAN and address if the total invoice exceeds the amount specified in step 4.

To capture the guest’s PAN details in the guest profile page

  1. Navigate to the guest’s profile page.
    To learn the various ways to view a guest’s profile, read: Guest Profiles and History.

  2. On the General tab, under the Personal Info section, enter the number in the PAN field. 

  3. Click Save.

Note: In case you need help configuring GST, contact us at GstHelp@zenoti.com.

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