1. Open the invoice whose tips or SSG you want to refund.

2. On the Invoice and Payment details window, select I want to > Refund Invoice.  

The Refund window opens.

3. On the Select Items page:

    a) Select the sale items you want to refund, and any associated tips or SSG.
        To refund tips or SSG, you must select at least one sold item to be refunded.

    b) Enter the refund amounts in the corresponding boxes.
        Note:  If you are refunding a product, enter its quantity; the amount appears                   automatically.

4. Click Proceed to Refund.

5. On the Payment Methods page, select the payment method through which you want to process the refund, and click Refund.

6. The Invoice window opens and displays the refunded amount.

All reports with the Tip and SSG columns display negative entries to indicate the refunded tip or SSG amounts for the date when the refund is processed.

Learn how Zenoti handles redistribution of tips/gratuity when the corresponding services are refunded

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