Zenoti allows you to use the Custom Payment method to collect payments in a form other than cash, credit cards, or checks. For example, if you charge a company directly for services taken by their employees or if you’ve tied up with a coupon site, that collects money on your behalf, you would use custom payments to keep a tab on such payments to reconcile these charges periodically.  

Before you begin

  • Ensure that your organization has configured Custom as one of the payment options. Learn how 

  • Ensure that your organization has set up custom payments. Learn how 

To process a custom payment

  1. Launch the POS window.

  2. Review and edit the invoice, if required.

  3. In the Collect Payment section, select Custom.

  4. In the Payment Data field, click the drop-down menu.

  5. Select a custom payment option, or type its name in the search field and then select a match.

   6. Enter any additional information about the payment in the Additional Data field.
       Note: This field appears only after you select a custom payment.

    7. Click Add Payment.
        Zenoti adds the custom payment to the invoice.

   8. Click the print or email button to close the invoice.

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