Memberships are a powerful way to generate new business and to retain customers. A well-designed membership generates a continuous revenue stream for your center while giving customers value for money through benefits and discounts.

The data generated from membership programs allow you to understand your customer demographics and preferences. In turn, this helps you focus on services and products that maximize your revenues and to identify where you are losing money.

Zenoti’s Membership module lets you create different types of memberships tailored to your requirements.

You can design your memberships in various ways. For instance, you might offer a membership that gives the guest one free 60-minute massage every month. To sweeten the deal, you can let members carry over unused services to the following month or allow them to exchange the free service for another service.

Zenoti also lets you set up different pricing for members and non-members. This is a great way to get people to sign-up for memberships.

If you have centers at multiple locations, you can let members use services at membership prices at any of the centers. Since your database is centralized, all your centers see the same information and have access to guest details.

Zenoti also lets you run introductory offers with a limited membership which can then be automatically converted into one of your regular memberships.

At a high level, memberships in Zenoti are of two types:

  • Recurring memberships: This type of membership is one where the guests sign up for a plan in which they pay at regular intervals. For instance, they might pay a monthly amount for which they might get a certain number of credits or services. The advantage of this sort of membership is that it gives the guest the flexibility to stop, pause, or continue the service at any time.

  • Nonrecurring memberships: This type of membership is limited to a specified duration and the payment is collected at one go. Here too the guests receive credits or services but once they are consumed, the membership automatically expires.

Zenoti lets your offer both these types of memberships in different flavors:

  • Service-based memberships (Service Credits Memberships): This type of membership offers the guest a bouquet of services at regular intervals. For instance, you may have a wellness membership that offers a set of three massages each month, which are covered in the price of the membership.

  • Credit-based memberships (Credit Value Memberships): This type of membership offers the guest a set of credits for the price of the membership. These credits can then be used to redeem services. For instance, a wellness membership may give the guest a set of six credits that they can use to pay for six one-hour massages. Or they can go for a 90-minute massage and pay for it with a combination of credits and cash.

  • You can also create memberships that have features of both the above types.

  • Discount Only memberships allow you to create memberships that offer guests discounts without service credits.​

    You can set a membership as a Discount Only membership at the time of creating the membership. In the first step of the Create a Membership process. in the ​Memberships Benefits ​​field, select ​Discounts Only​​.

​For centers that use the Hybrid Membership model, this membership will appear as ​Member Pricing Only ​​.

Note: For Discount Only memberships, you must select either ​Service Discounts ​​or ​Product Discounts ​​to continue to the next step.

Along with this, Zenoti’s memberships give you a lot of flexibility to set up the plans are per your requirements. Some of these are:

  • Membership discounts: You can offer discounted pricing or member pricing to your guests as long as they have an active membership at that time. For instance, if a hair-cut membership gives the guest two haircuts a month, and the guest needs a third one, you can offer the third one at a discounted rate since they are a member.

  • Extend benefits to family members: You can also extend the benefits of the membership to family members of the guest. This allows them to use the benefits of discounted prices while expanding your customer base.

  • Transfer membership benefits: Zenoti also lets you allow guests to transfer their membership benefits to other members. This allows you to let guests use all the benefits of the membership even if they are not personally using them in a particular month. This helps the customer feel they are getting the full value of their membership without you having to refund them for unused benefits or credits.

Apart from the various way in which you can structure memberships for the guest, Zenoti also lets you define:

  • How commissions should be paid out

  • How upgrades and downgrades must be handled

  • At which centers the membership may be offered

  • Define pricing for the membership differently for each store

  • Whether the membership should be made available on the webstore

As you can see, Zenoti lets you define a variety of memberships depending on your center’s needs, capabilities, and target segment. So before you jump in and begin creating memberships, you must step back and decide what kind of membership and what features you want to offer.

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