This article

  • Defines what are tax groups in Zenoti and how are they used

  • Steps to create tax groups and make them available to centers

What are tax groups?

Tax groups define the tax amounts calculated on invoices while taking payments. A tax group can consist of one or more tax components. For instance, on the same invoice, businesses may apply a service tax and service charge on services and VAT on products purchased. You can combine these tax components under a tax group. 

You can also define the order in which the taxes apply to the invoice. For example, you can configure service taxes to apply first, followed by a service charge. Further, Zenoti gives you the flexibility to define how you want to apply the tax and the calculation method.

To create tax groups

1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Setup > Tax Groups.
2. Click Add in the top-right pane.
    The Create New Tax Types page opens.

3. Enter the General details of the new tax group and click Next.
    The Component section appears.

4. Select and define the tax component applicable for the tax group and click Next.
    The Centers section opens.

5. Select the centers where this tax type or tax group is applicable.
    Click Finish.

The tax group is now created and is associated with the selected centers.

Now you can associate the tax groups to services, classes, products, memberships, packages, gift cards, and inventory that are offered at your center.

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