You can open a closed invoice for various reasons, such as your guest requested you to refund the amount or requested you to cancel the cash payment and accept the payment through a credit or debit card. 

Note: You cannot edit or refund the cashback amount for closed invoices if the payment was processed through online cards.

To reopen a closed invoice

  1. Open the guest's profile

  2. On the Guest Details page, select the appropriate tab that has the invoice you are looking for.
    For example, if the invoice you are looking for includes services, select the Appointments tab.

  3. Look for the invoice or receipt number and click the corresponding invoice
     The Invoice page appears.

  4. In the I want to field, select Reopen Invoice.

     The Invoice-Reopen window appears.

 5. Enter the Username, Password, Comments, and click OK.
     The invoice is reopened and is available to edit or remove transactions such as
     payments, services, or products.

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