The Close Payments window provides a brief insight into the last closure details.
It displays the expected collection details as on the current closure date such as how much was collected in the form of cash, checks, credit cards, custom payments, and how much business cash was transferred to petty cash.

The Close Payments window also automatically displays the opening balance and provides fields for entering the actual collections made in the cash and credit card register. You can make adjustments to cash or credit card for the closing and provide reasons for adjustments. The register closing balance is also displayed automatically.

Use one of the following methods to open the Close Payments window.

Option 1: Open the Close Payments window from the Appointment Book

  1. If you are not already in the current day's Appointment Book, click Today in the Appointment Book's calendar to open it.

  2. On the Appointment Book, click an open slot and select Manage Register > Close Payments from the context menu.
    Note: The name of 'Manage Register' menu, is as per the name of the register. For example, if you have created a register by name 'Feb 2018 Register' then the menu appears as 'Manage Feb 2018 Register'.

Option 2: Open the Close Payments window from the Register Closure report

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Select Reports > Accounting.

  3. From the Select a Report drop-down list, select Register Closure Report.

  4. Select a cash register or all cash registers.
    The window displays all cash registers by default if there is more than one.

  5. Select the duration.

  6. Click Refresh.  
    The window displays the list of closing dates and collection details.

  7. Click Edit against the date for which you want to view or edit the register closure.

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