After you integrate Ezypay with Zenoti, you can collect direct debit payments as follows:

1. On the appointment book, click the appointment for which you want to
    process payment.

2. Click Take Payment.

3. On the right-hand side of the POS, under the Collect Payment section,
    click Check

4. Enter the amount you wish to collect via direct debit and click Add Payment.
    A customer information window appears.

5. Enter the customer details and click Submit.
    The bank account details window appears.

6. Enter the guest's bank Account Number and Bank Code.

7. The first direct debit transaction of the guest via Zenoti, requires you to collect an
    authorization signature from the guest.
    You must print an Authorization form and request the guest to sign it.

8. After the guest signs the Authorization form, select the checkbox,  I have taken
    signature of the user on Authorization form

: After the guest's first direct debit transaction, the bank account details are
    stored in Zenoti. On subsequent payments using direct debit, you can use the
    stored bank account information to collect payments. You will not have to take the
    signature on the Authorization form again.

9. Click Submit.
    The direct debit payment is processed.

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