At the end of each business day, you need to close your cash register after the front desk reconciles the day’s transactions such as giving refunds and adjusting petty cash. 

However, during the month of Ramadan (23 April to 23 May 2020) one business day spills over to two calendar days. As a result, you need to reconcile your collections using the Collections by Transaction report as a reference point.

Reconciling your collections involves the following steps:

  1. Noting the figures against each payment type from the Close Payments screen of the Appointment Book 

  2. Reconciling the payments from the Close Payments screen of the Appointment Book with the figures you see in the Collections by Transactions report.

To reconcile your Collections during Ramadan

  1. Click any white space on the Appointment Book and select Close Payments. Collections by the different payment types appear. 

  2. Make a note of the amounts you see against each payment type (cash, check, credit card, tips, petty cash, and support staff gratuity (SSG)).

  3. Go to the Collections by Transactions report (Admin > Reports > Collections > Collections by Transactions).

  4. Click Custom dates in the date filter.

  5. Select two continuous dates.
    Example: 23rd and 24th April (since the working day starts at 7 P.M. and goes on to 4 A.M. the following day). 

  6. Click Refresh.

    7. Click the Excel or .CSV icons to export the report and look at the Payment Date             column. This column has the date and a time stamp.
    8. Reconcile the amounts you see in the Appointment Book (Close Payments                     screen) against each of the Payment Types (cash, check, credit card, tips) you see         in the exported report for the appropriate date.
        Tip: You need to look for transactions with the time stamp starting at 7 P.M. on the         previous date to 4 A.M. on the following day to reconcile your figures. 

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