The Holy Month of Ramadan is set to last from 23 April to 23 May, 2020. During this time, if your business operates anywhere in the Middle-East or South-East Asia, you will need to update your working or operating hours accordingly. Typically, businesses in these regions operate from 7 P.M. to 4 A.M. (of the following day).  

To update employee schedules for the period of Ramadan

  1. Go to Center view > Employee > Employees > Schedule.

  2. From the Center filter, select All, This Center, or Other Centers, as appropriate.

  3. Ensure that All is selected from the Role filter. This means you are setting up the schedule for all employees of your center.

  4. Ensure that you are in the Day view. You can view the Day, Week, and Month view on the right-hand corner. 

  5. Click today’s date to view the Calendar

  6. Select April 23 from the Calendar to set the start date for the Ramadan period. 

  7. Select the employees who will be working during the Ramadan period. 

  8. Enter Shift 1 timings as 7 P.M. to 11.55 P.M. 

  9. Enter Shift 2 timings as 12.00 A.M. to 4 A.M.
    Note: The status of the selected employees changes to Working.

  10. Click Save.
    Zenoti saves the updated schedule for the selected employees for that day (April 23rd).

    11. In the Copy Schedule Forward field, enter 30 days and click the apply button.
    12. Zenoti prompts you to confirm the dates to which you want to copy the schedule          forward to. 

13. Click Copy.
     The employee schedule is copied forward till May 23rd.
14. Change the date on the Schedule to a date between 23 April and 23 May and               randomly check if Zenoti has copied the schedules as expected.
15. Go to the Appointment Book and change the date to a date between 23 April and        23 May and check if the schedule for the selected employees appears as                       expected.
     Employees on this schedule (shifts) will appear in the Appointment Book, mobile          apps, and the Webstore during their scheduled times. The front desk can book              appointments in their name during this time. 

Important: Consider your business day starts at 7 P.M. on 23rd April and lasts up to 4 A.M on 24th April. In such a case, employees need to check in at 7 P.M. and check out at 11.59 P.M on 23rd April and then check in again at 12 A.M. and check out at 4 A.M. on 24th April. 

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