A discount is a reduction in the basic price of any goods or services.
For example, you can create a 20% discount on a facial, or offer a free hair cut (100% discount) with a global hair color service. 

Important: When a discount is created, Zenoti automatically picks the location where it is created and restricts edits/deletes to is only to the employees of the location.

To learn more about this restriction, read our help article.

To create a discount

1. Either at the organization or center level, navigate to Marketing > Offers >  
    The Manage Discounts page appears.

2. Click Add.
    The Create a New Discount page opens and shows the General tab.

3. Based on your requirements, complete the fields in the following tabs:

4. Click Finish. The discount is created.
On the Manage Discounts page, you can see the location: Organization, Center, Zone under the Created In column.

After you create the discount, you must associate it with a campaign. The In-Use column indicates the details of where the discount is in use: In-Use Location, Name, and Level.

When the front desk applies the campaign, the discount is applied to the invoice.

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