As part of entering general information for a new employee, you need to add the address. 

Follow these guidelines to enter address details: 

  • Address 1: Enter address details such as apartment number, apartment name, and locality. It is important to keep employee address handy as a step towards maintaining basic background information for legal purposes. 

  • Address 2: Enter any other address-related information such as landmarks. 

  • City: Enter the name of the city where the employee resides.

  • Country: Enter the country where the employee resides. 

  • State: Enter the name of the state where the employee resides. 

  • Pin Code: Enter the pin code or the zip code of the city where the employee resides.

  • Consultant: Select this checkbox if the person is an external Consultant with your organization. This means that such a person is not a regular employee of your organization and therefore does not show up in any employee schedules or employee reports.
    You cannot perform other regular activities such as checking in or checking out such a person from your center.

    Example: You may hire a dermatologist as a consultant to ensure safe delivery of skin treatments at your center.
    Important: Zenoti provides this option to mark a person as a consultant to track any commissions that are split. Also, since such consultants are usually from an academic background of medicine, it is a good idea to maintain a record of such doctors as they may be in a better position to recommend other doctors for specialized services such as weight reduction or liposuction.

    Note: By default, this setting is turned off for all organizations. If you want to enable this setting for your organization, contact Zenoti Support.

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