You may operate your business based on one of these models:

  • Franchise model: Where independent centers work independently of the main corporate office 

  • Enterprise model: Where the main corporate office owns and operates centers the different centers

If you run your business on the franchise model, you may want to generate payroll for each center independently. This is especially convenient if you have employees who work across centers (on deputation or on loan) and who qualify for payroll in each of these centers. Learn more: Depute or Loan Employees to Other Centers or Locations

To generate payroll independently for each center:

  1. At the Organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organizations > Settings tab. 

  3. Expand the Employee section.

  4. Select the checkbox Do not consider other center invoices for payroll. Select this option if your business operates on the franchise model where each center pays the employees for work done at their center. Learn more: Employee Hourly Pay/Service Commission report

  5. Click Save.
    You can now generate payroll for each center independently. 

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