Gift cards are a popular way of gifting that allows the intended recipients to purchase a product, or a service of their choice using the cash value on the card. Guests can also buy predefined gift cards that have a value or a set of services pre-configured in them.

Using Zenoti's various settings you can set up the framework for the sale and redemption of gift cards and also track them using reports.

This article provides links to instructions for managing all gift card activity within your organization and center.

 Understanding Gift Cards in Zenoti

Setting up Gift Cards

Sale and Purchase of Gift Cards

Create Gift Card Promotions

Redeeming Gift Cards

  • Redeem a Gift Card: Know what items can be redeemed and how to apply a gift card towards a payment in the POS window.
    Note: This article provides instructions on redeeming gift cards at the POS that are purchased without tax. If you are applying a gift card that was purchased with a tax component included in its sale, read: Redeem a Taxed Gift Card

Viewing and Editing Gift Card Details


Webstore Options for Gift Cards


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