1. Open the Appointment Info panel: Click an open time slot and then select New Appointment.

2. Add the guest details.

3. Click the Service tab (usually selected by default).

4. Select a service:
    Based on your organization's Appointment Book settings, the Service field appears     either as a drop-down list or a text box.

  • If the Service field appears as text box: Start typing the name of the service in the Service field, and select an appropriate match from the list of suggestions.

  • If the Service field appears as a drop-down list: Select a service from the predefined list.Note: If a service is not in the list, contact your admin to create it. Learn how to create services

If a description is entered for the service while creating it, you can read it by clicking the information icon next to the field.

5. In the Request list, select the guest's preference for the service provider.

Note: Assume your business has enabled the organization level setting, Enforce service base price for bookings without provider preference, (after talking to Zenoti Support). The Request field has Any, Male, Female, or Other selected. In this case, the price you see for any provider you select (in the next step, Step 6) reflects the base price for the service (and not the scaled price for the provider).

Example: Assume a guest takes the Hair Styling service (base price $120) when the above organization level setting is ON and the Request field is set to Any, Male, Female, Other. Amanda is a senior stylist and has price scaling set to $150.

If the guest does not request specifically for Amanda, the service price shows as $120 (which is the base price). However, if the guest requests for Amanda specifically (Request field is set to Specific), the service price shows as $150 (provider scaled price).

Note: You can see the same behavior when guests book services from the Booking Wizard, and from online channels (Webstore and Zenoti Mobile). Note also that, if your organization has configured Demand pricing and Room scaling, such charges are added to the base price.

6. In the Therapist list, select the name of the therapist (displayed based on the service and preference). 

7. If the therapist has another appointment or is on a scheduled break, an alert appears. 

  • Click Yes to add the appointment without changes
    Note: To be able to double book a service provider, ensure that the option Double-booking for Therapists is set to Allow in Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Appointment Book.

  • Click No to change the therapist or the appointment schedule. 

8. If applicable, select a Room for the service.

    Note: While configuring services in Zenoti, you can map rooms to the services so         that only the valid rooms can be selected for a service. Learn more

9. Edit the Start time, if required.
    The End time is automatically calculated based on the Service Time configured             while creating the service.

10. If you want to increase or decrease the duration of the service, select
     appropriate time Duration from the drop-down list. For example, a guest with
     long hair will need more time for a blow out. 

Points to Consider:

  • You can see the Duration column only if the organization level setting Change Service Time in Appointment is set to Allow or Warn. You cannot view this column if this setting is set to Block. (Admin >  Organization > Organizations > Settings > Appointment Book). 

  • The End time is automatically calculated based on the Service Time       configured while creating the service. However, when when you change the duration of the service, End time is adjusted accordingly. 

  • When you change the service duration, overbooking settings are honored. For example, if after updating the duration, there is a conflict with an adjacent appointment, Zenoti displays an alert.

  • When you move an appointment from one therapist to another, duration will be reset.

  • If a service has segments, you cannot update the duration of the service. The Duration field will be read-only, in this case.

  • Zenoti does not support changing the service duration in the Booking Wizard.

11. Click Add Service.

If the service you select has any add-ons, a dialog opens with the list of available
add-ons for the service. Select an add-on, and then click OK.

At this point, the Appointment Book displays any associated notes entered while creating the service. For example, you can enter a note to up sell or cross sell services to remind the front desk to suggest the guest a manicure if they book a pedicure. Learn more

Learn in detail how to book an appointment for services

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