1. Open the Appointment Info panel—click an open time slot and then select New Appointment.

  2. Check if the guest is new or existing:

  • If new: Enter the mobile number, first name, last name, gender, and the referral source to create the guest's profile.
    Note: You must enter all the guest details that your organization has configured to be mandatory. Learn more

  • If existing: Type the guest's first name, last name, email, or phone, and select a matching profile from the list of auto suggestions.
    Note: When you search for a guest with the across centers option enabled, the guest profile that appears could be from your center or from your entire organization, depending on your Appointment Book settings at the organization and center levels. 

After specifying the guest details, you may receive alerts with useful information, such as any notes related to guest preferences and any outstanding amount that the guest has to pay.

You can filter by Note Type and Date and also print any relevant notes. For example, a hair stylist may have made notes regarding the exact color mixture for a particular guest - you can print out such notes on the guest's next appointment. 

3. Click OK to return to the Appointment Info panel.

You can now proceed to add services or packages to the guest's appointment.

Learn more about booking an appointment

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