Note: All actions in this article are performed by the guest who is purchasing the gift card.

Guests can purchase gift cards online without signing in to their online account. The Continue as guest option available online helps the guest to speed up the gift card checkout process. A guest can purchase a gift card by simply providing their email address and optionally their phone number. The gift card purchase invoice is delivered to the email address provided.

Guests can follow these steps to purchase a gift card without signing in:

  1. On the website, click the Gift Cards tab.

  2. Select a gift card from the available options.
    The gift card gets added to the cart.

  3. The purchase screen displays the price of the card, its value, and the expiration date of the card (if applicable) selected.
    Enter the following:

  • Select a template: Select a gift card template from the available options.

  • Quantity: Enter the number of gift cards to be purchased.

  • Name: Enter the name (purchaser’s name).

  • Email address: Enter the recipient's email address.

  • Message: Type a message for the recipient. This is the message that the recipient will receive, along with the gift card.

   4. Select any one of the following options:

  • Send Now: Sends the gift card email to the recipient immediately.

  • Send Later: Sends the gift card email to the recipient on the chosen date and time.

    5. Click Buy to proceed to make the payment.
    6. During the checkout process, opt to Continue as guest, and enter the email                   address and phone number (optional).

     7. Click Next.

     8. Enter the payment information and click Submit.

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