Read our March Upgrade blog post for major feature enhancements in the March 2016 release. This article includes only the features that are not explained as a part of the blog post.


The following enhancements are made in the Appointment Book module:

  • Prevent Thank You Notifications for Non-Service Appointments: You can now stop thank you emails or text messages from being sent to guests whose purchases do not include any service. Go to Admin > Organizations > Organization Name > Settings > General and select the Do not send Thank You message for non-service purchases checkbox. 

  • Faster Access to Guest's Active Packages: When you try to book an appointment for guests with packages, clicking the Packages link on the Appointment Info panel now only shows the active packages, with benefits to use. To view inactive packages as well, click the Show All checkbox on the top of the dialog. 

  • Block Register Closure for Multiple Types of Open Invoices: You can now close the register even if the product, membership, or other invoices are still open. Previously, the system allowed closing the register with services invoices open, but all other invoices had to be closed. You can select the invoices types that can be open without blocking the register closure from here: Admin > Organizations > Centers > Settings > Appointment Book > Allow register closure with open invoices.

  • Support for Arabic Text in Customer Feedback: The system now enables your customers to provide their feedback in Arabic text.

  • Show the Printing Time on Receipts: The system now shows the time of printing a receipt in all sizes and formats, except the GST and two column formats. You can enable the printing time on the receipt on the Invoice and Receipt settings at the organizational level.

  • Receive Confirmation Dialog on Resizing Appointment Blocks: To help you avoid accidentally resizing the appointment, we have added a new organization level setting that shows an alert when you try to tweak an appointment block. Go to Admin > Organization > Settings > Appointment Book > Change Service Time in Appointment and select Warn. After you select this, the system shows an alert when you try to change the size of an appointment box as shown below:

  • Useful Alerts for More Accurate Bookings: We've added the following options so you can receive useful system alerts when booking appointments:

    Customer double-bookings
    Go to Admin > Organization > Settings > Appointment Book and select the Show alert when double-booking guests checkbox. The system shows an alert when a guest's appointment is overlapping, asking the front desk staff to confirm if they want to continue with the appointment.

    Therapist double bookings
    Go to Admin > Organization > Settings > Appointment Book > Double-booking for Therapists and select Allow, Block, Or Warn. If you select Warn, the system shows an alert when a therapist's appointments are overlapping, asking the front desk staff to confirm if they want to continue with the booking.

    Overbooking Room Capacity
    Go to Admin > Resources > Spa Rooms and click the name of a room or create a new room for which you want to set up the alert. Select the Can exceed with a warning checkbox. When the room is being overbooked, the system shows an alert to confirm if you want to continue with the booking.

  • Enhanced Prescriptions: We've made the following enhancements to prescriptions:
    - You can now capture Potency along with prescription, dosage, and instructions.
    - You can enter a the Next Visit Date to the prescription. You can also make it mandatory to enter the next visit date at the center level: Go to Admin > Centers > Settings and select the Enforce next visit date in prescription checkbox.
    - When using prescription set in prescription, now edit a prescription item inline – you don't have to remove the item and add a new one.

  • Enhanced Group Invoices: We've made the following enhancements to group invoices:
    - Use stored card for group invoice payments: Select a guest from the group and use cards stored on account.
    - Collect feedback for group bookings: The feedback is included in the receipt, similar to individual appointment. Feedback rating provided is copied against individual invoices. You can choose to provide feedback against a single appointment in the group or for the whole group appointment.

  • Enhanced Appointment Followup Screen: You can now filter the appointments in the Appointment Followup screen based on the confirmation status of the appointment. The window also shows membership icons next to names of the members. 

  • Configure Recovery Time for Service Segments: For services with segments, you can now define recovery time for each segment. For example, a hair touch-up might include the color, wash, and blow-dry segments. You can define recovery time for each of these segments at the employee level. To do this, go to the Employee Dashboard > Services tab, and expand a service with segments. Click Edit and configure the custom recovery time for each segment.


The following enhancements are made in the Marketing module:

  • Target Customer by Cancelled Appointments: You can now target your guests based on their cancelled appointments in a specified time in the past, similar to how you target based on last visits.

  • Easily Access the List of All Employees: Previously, the All guests target segment could only be built using three separate target segments within Demographics: gender is male, gender is female, and gender is not provided. You can now create the list easily by selecting All under the Gender list. 

  • Track Your Sales Conversion Effectively: You can now keep track of your sales team's efficiency in converting leads. The new Conversions report (Sales > Reports > Conversions) helps you see the number of leads converted from one status (such as Lead) to another status (such as Prospect) in a given period of time, based on the data entered at the opportunity level.

  • Cancel Memberships Within Lock-in Period: The system now enables you to cancel memberships before the lock-in period ends. You need to assign this permissions to specific roles in your organizations, so only employees with those roles can make the cancellations. You can access the permission from here: Admin > Organization > Security Roles > [Select a Role] > Permissions > Marketing Manager > Skip Lock In Period Check. 


The following enhancements are made to Reports:

  • Filter Financial Summary by Both Service Date and Closed Date: You can now choose between the Service Date and Closed Date for the financial summary presented in these reports:
    - Financial Summary (Admin > Reports > Accounting > Financial Summary)
    - Daily Financial Summary (Admin > Reports > Daily Reports > Daily Financial Summary)
    - Monthly Financial Summary (Admin > Reports > Daily Reports > Monthly Financial Summary).
    You can set up the default date for these reports at an organization level using the Default Date For Services Sales Calculation in Financial Summary Reports option.

  • Filter Center Invoice Average Report by Item Type: We have added an Item Type filter list shown below, so you can track your Center Invoice Average by the type of sale items.

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