Read our April Upgrade blog post for major feature enhancements in the April 2016 release. This article includes only the features that are not explained as a part of the blog post.


The following enhancements are made in the Appointment Book module:

  • Calculate Tips as Percentages of Service Cost

    The system now enables you to enter the tip or gratuity as a percentage of total service cost, instead of a fixed amount. To calculate the tip as a percentage, type the percentage number followed by the % symbol in the Tip or Gratuity box in the POS. For example, if you want to give a 10 percent tip on a service, enter 10% in the box. Note that the system calculates tips only on services.

  • Easily Locate a Campaign

    The Campaigns box in the POS now allows you to type the name of a campaign, while providing auto-suggestions as you type, making it easier for you to find and apply campaigns from the POS.  

  • View the Gift Card Details in the Recipient's Guest History

    If a guest buys a gift card for someone else and the recipients details are entered in the POS, the system now shows the gift card details in the recipient's Guest History. Previously, the system allowed the recipient to redeem the gift card, but the details were only shown in the Guest History of the customer who bought it.

  • Sort the Therapist List by Booking Value

    You can now sort the therapist list on the appointment book based on the value of their closed invoices for the day. You can also view the booking value next to the name of the therapist. These options are available in the appointment book settings for the center:Admin Dashboard > Organization > Centers > [Center Name] > Settings > Appointment Book > Therapist Display Order.

  • Faster Reconciliation of Credit Card and Custom Payments

    We have added key details related to credit card and custom payments on the register closure window for easier reconciliations and to complete closures faster. The following details are included for each type of credit card and custom payment:
    - Number of transactions
    - Amount paid
    - Tips
    - Total amount
    Also, we've added a Notes box for front desk to capture any comments other than the notes for credit card or cash adjustments.

  • Easily Identify Other Center Guests and Expired Members

    Appointment Book now shows storefront icon for guests whose primary center is different from current center. Also, for guests with expired or cancelled memberships with available service credits, the appointment book shows  icon, which is different in color from the regular membership icon .


The following enhancements are made in the Marketing module:

  • Configure Deferred Discounts to Expire after a Set Number of Days

    You can now configure the deferred discounts (discounts that can be used later) to expire after a specified number of days. Previously, the system only allowed to set a specific date for these discounts to expire. To configure deferred discounts to expire after a specific number of days, follow these steps:

    - Go to Marketing > Discounts > Add > Deferred Discounts.
    - Select Allow discount to be used later.
    - Select the in radio button, and then enter the number of days in the box next to
    Note that a coupon is printed in the current invoice which can be redeemed in the next invoice, subject to conditions.

  • Improved Membership Custom Target Segments

    You can now create custom target segments based on Memberships with your own time period, in terms of any number of days, weeks, or months. Previously, the system only supported predefined time periods. We've also changed the names of these two criteria for more relevance:

    - Status is renamed as Type
    - Plan is renamed as Name

  • Ability to Stop Always on and Scheduled Campaigns

    You can now stop Scheduled and Always On campaigns with the following outcomes:

    - When an Always On campaign is stopped, its status is changed to Paused.
    - Unless the status of an Always On campaign is changed manually by clicking Set it Live, it is not sent to guests.
    - When a Scheduled Campaign is stopped, its status changes to Cancelled.
    - In both the cases, the last initiated instance of the campaign is not sent to the guests.
    - Once any campaign is live, the type and communication channel of the campaign cannot be changed.

  • Configure Email and Text Messages for Cashback Coupons

    You can now configure the system to send the details of cashback coupons to the guests using automated emails and text messages. These emails or text messages use the same templates that are used for custom coupons and deferred discounts, and can be set up for the entire organization from here: Admin Dashboard > Organization > Organizations > Email/Text > [Guest] Coupon > Edit. The email or text messages are sent after closing the invoice.

  • Enable Guests to Stop Receiving Transaction and Marketing Text Messages

    You can now configure an opt-out code that your guests can send as a text message to opt out from receiving your transaction or marketing messages. This feature applies to centers in Australia currently.


We've made the following enhancements to the Inventory module:

  • Added New Bar Code Printing Size (Letter)

    We have added a new size for bar code printing called Letter, which prints 80 labels per Letter size page. To select it, go to Admin Dashboard > Organization > Centers > [Center Name] > Settings > Inventory > Bar Code printer settings > Letter (80 Labels). This configuration works well for Avery-8167, label size ½ inch * 1 ¾ inch”, and includes name, code, and price.


The following enhancements are made to Reports:

  • View All the Day's Transaction from the Appointment Book

    We have added a new report called Today's Transactions in the Appointment Book that shows all the transactions that have taken place at your center until the current time on the given day. This report helps you with reconciliations during day closure and can be filtered by the type of payments. 

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