Read our September Upgrade blog post for major feature enhancements in the September 2016 release. What's New includes only the features that are not explained in the blog post.


  • More flexibility in managing tips

    Zenoti will automatically split tips between service providers based on two criteria:
    - Total amount of tip
    - Value of service provided by each provider

    This means, the service provider who performed a high value service receives a bigger portion of the tip. You can now:
    - Manually split tips between service providers in a group invoice (splitting tips manually was already supported for single guest invoices)
    - Assign tips to employees who assisted with the service, but were not the primary service provider
    - Adjust (but not add) tips in a closed invoice without reopening the invoice. The adjustment amount will show in the employee’s next payroll.

  • Experience the enhanced Appointment Book search

    We've made the following enhancements to the appointment book search for a superior search experience:
    - The search keywords are highlighted in the search results
    - Search results display the guest records with current day bookings on top
    - If the search matches guest code or home phone, those numbers are also shown in the search results with the guest name.

  • Add guest email and phone numbers directly from the invoice

    When you try to send an email receipt from the invoice to a guest whose email address is missing, the system now opens a dialog box where you can enter the email address. You can also see the Add Email and Add Phone links in the invoice, below the guest name, if those details are missing in the guest profile.

  • Faster check-Ins in airport spas

    Zenoti enables you to look up a guest record or auto populate the first and last names of guest data by simply scanning the guest’s boarding pass. Guest data is captured when you do any of the following actions while scanning the boarding pass:
    - Click in the appointment search
    - Open Appoitment Book bottom pane
    - Open POS screen
    The system also captures the essential flight details to help you comply with the airport regulations. The flights details - flight number and the names of the source and destination airports - are captured in the Invoice Notes field and are automatically printed above the guest’s name in the receipt.

  • Print all the job cards for the day in one click

    We’ve introduced a new option to print all job cards for the day at one go, instead of printing each of them separately. 


  • Recover membership fee even after suspending a membership

    Previously, after a specified number of failed attempts to charge the membership fee from a stored card, the system suspended the membership - which also suspended any further attempts of recovering the pending fee. With our new configuration, you have the flexibility to suspend the membership after the first few tries, yet allow the system to make further attempts to deduct the pending fee from the card.

  • Set up automated Loyalty Point Statement emails and text messages

    You can now configure automated Loyalty Points Statements to be sent to guests on a periodic basis via email or text messages. Use the Loyalty Point Statement template to set up the content for the email and text statements. This feature is available for both Regular and Tiered Loyalty Points programs. Learn more

  • Send multiple reminders before loyalty points expire
    You can now configure up to 5 reminders to be sent to your guests before their Loyalty Points expire. Previously, the system allowed you to send only one expiry reminder. Learn more

  • Attract referrals from tiered members through targeted campaigns.

    Zenoti can help you attract referrals from tiered members by enabling you to set up special offers to the guests that they refer. You can create custom target segments for tiered guest referrals using the new option: Tiered Members (Custom Target Segment > Demographic > Referral Source). The system checks if the referrer was a tier member at the time of referral and not at the time of executing the target segment. Learn more


  • Gain more insights from the Daily Summary report

    The Daily Summary report now includes the following additional metrics:

    Guests% that rebooked for future
    Percentage of distinct guests who have an appointment on a given date and have rebooked an appointment for future.

    Guests# that rebooked for future
    Number of distinct guests who visited for an appointment on a given day and have booked an appointment for future.

    Total Guests that purchased Retail
    Number of distinct guests who purchased products

    Retail including other items#
    Number of distinct guests who purchased products as well as other items (such as services, memberships, packages, and more)

    Number of distinct guests who purchased only products.

    Avg. Invoice Sale Value per Guest
    Sale value per guest that visited on a given day.

    Avg. Invoice Sale Value per Retail-only Guest
    Sale value on retail-only invoices per retail-only guest who visited on a given day.

    Avg. Retail Sale Value per Guest
    Sale value of products per guest who have purchased products.

  • More options to filter the Recurring Membership Collections reports
    We've added the following options to filter the Recurring Memberships and Projected Recurring Collections reports by Status:

    Refunded; Failed
    Projected Recurring Collections (Marketing > Reports > Memberships > Projected Recurring Collections).

    Recurring Memberships (Marketing > Reports > Memberships > Recurring Memberships).

  • Access currency-wise collections data from the Register Closure report
    If multiple currencies feature is enabled for your center, the Register Closure report now shows a break up of your collections in terms of the currency in which they were received.


  • Categorize rooms to align them with your services
    You may deliver a range of Services at your Center such as hair treatments, full body massages and scrubs, massages for couples, facials, manicure, and pedicure. Zenoti allows you to classify the rooms in your Center into different categories, so you can allocate them to the appropriate Services and treatments. Using Room Categories and associating rooms to these categories, you can organize and manage your Services better. More than the simple advantage of stocking these Rooms with the appropriate Products such as oils, shampoos, lotions, and Equipment, it becomes easy for you to track useful metrics.
    Room reports have been updated to display room categories. Use reports to answer questions like:
    - Which room category has the highest utilization?
    - Which room category bought in the highest revenue?
    These insights help you decide if you need to allocate more space for specific services, or improve room utilization for a category of services.

  • Payment Express gateway certifies Zenoti payment integration

    Zenoti has successfully completed the certification process with Payment Express for POS and Webstore payments integration. Note that Zenoti has been supporting Payment Express gateway in Australia, New Zealand, and UK regions. Learn more

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