Read our November Upgrade blog post for major feature enhancements in the November 2016 release. What's New includes only the features that are not explained in the blog post.


  • Cancel scheduled appointments online

    Zenoti now enables your guests to confirm or cancel their appointments from webstore. Previously, guests could cancel only their online requests, but now they can cancel any scheduled appointments, booked online or at the center. The webstore also automatically processes any credit or debit card refunds on such cancellations.

  • Print the change on receipts

    Zenoti now prints the change amount that you give back to guests on the receipts. The change is printed below the Total Charged row on all receipt formats, and is also included in email receipts. If your center uses multiple currencies, the change is printed in local currency and in the currency in which the guest has paid.

  • Boost gift card conversion rates by enabling guest checkouts

    Zenoti-powered online stores now enable guests to buy gift cards without an online account. By removing the barrier of signing up, this feature helps you retain more shoppers who avoid new account fatigue. The hassle-free experience of guest checkout goes beyond buying a gift card. Customers can check their gift card balance or send the gift card email to others at any point after the sale – without ever having to sign up or sign in to an online account.

  • Preview and print gift cards

    Zenoti now enables previewing and printing gift cards from both webstore (online) and guest profile.


  • Easy cancellation of suspended or frozen membership

    Previously, you could cancel a Membership that is either Suspended or Frozen only after making the Membership Active. If the Membership had a pending charge before it was Suspended or Frozen, making the Membership Active resulted in Zenoti trying to collect the pending charge without the guest being notified. We have now changed this behavior. You now cancel a Membership that is either Suspended or Frozen without having to first make the Membership to Active. To cancel a Suspended or Frozen Membership, open the guest's Membership details from the guest's profile and just click the Cancel button. Upon cancellation, no pending charges will be collected.

  • Waive membership payment without awarding service credits

    Previously, if you waived membership payment, service credits were awarded to the Membership. The Front office had no control over the service credits. We have now changed this behavior. We have now changed this behavior. You can now define if the service credits should be awarded after a waiver by default at the organization level, but allow your front desk staff to override the default behavior at the time of waiving the fee. 

  • Change suspended memberships in one go

    You now have the convenience of filtering all suspended Memberships from the Suspended Memberships report. You can select multiple memberships from the list, and charge them at one go, instead of charging each member manually. The status of the suspended members queued up for charge changes from "Suspended" to "Processing" and upon successful realization of charge, the status changes to "Active".


  • Pick only those reports that are relevant for your organization

    Zenoti supports over 400 standard reports across different modules which are automatically available for you. You can now choose only those reports that are relevant for your organization and hide the remaining from the UI. You can always modify the list based on your changing requirements at any time in the future.

  • Calculate net cross center redemption more easily

    The Cross Centre Redemptions report for a center (Admin > Reports > Accounting > Cross Center Redemption) now displays the To Pay and To Collect values in a single view making it easy for you to calculate your net cross center redemption.

  • Easily access Membership Status report

    You can now access the Membership Status report directly from the Admin module: Admin > Reports > Memberships > Status Reports. It is the same report that is accessible from the Marketing module: Marketing > Reports > Memberships > Status. 


  • Gain more control over refunds

    You can now control access to payment instruments through which the employees with particular roles can refund. We’ve added a new permission set called Refund with the following options: Cash, Card, Check, Custom, and Prepaid Card. Once you select one or more refund methods for a role, the employees with the role can only use those methods to refund any items that they are allowed to, such as Services, Memberships, Packages, and Prepaid Cards.

  • Updates to Issue Management

    New fields such as Category, Sub Category, Source, and Treatment have been added to Issue Management. You can create your own items to be displayed in these fields. You can use these fields to provide granular details about the issue and also to compare the source of the issues.
    Example: You can create a Category called Maintenance, Sub Category called Equipment, Source called Guest and other source called Therapist, and Treatment called Body Wax. If a guest complains about the equipment after the body wax procedure, the front office can easily capture details of the issue using these fields and selecting the Source as Guest. If a therapist complains of the same issue, the front office can create another issue with source as Therapist. This way, you can track how many issues were reported by the therapists compared to the guests.


  • Filter Employee Schedule page for specific employees

    You can now filter your Employee schedule page by individual employee names. We have added an Employee filter at the top right of the schedule page that you can use to search for an employee or expand to pick the employee’s name from the list. Also, the start and end times on the schedule page now sync with your center’s start time and end time.


  • Alert about pending charges before re-activating memberships

    Previously, if you changed the status of a Membership that was either Suspended or Frozen to Active, and if the Membership had pending charges before it was Suspended or Frozen, making the Membership Active resulted in Zenoti trying to collect the pending charges without the front office or guest being notified. We have now changed this behavior. For a Membership that is either Suspended or Frozen, if the front office changes the Membership to Active, an alert informing the front office of the pending charges is displayed. The front office can notify the guest and upon guest advice, can proceed with making the Membership Active or exit without making any changes to the Membership status.

  • Locate all your Webstore settings and Security Role Permissions with fewer clicks

    You can now expand all the panels in the Catalog tab in your Organizations settings (Admin > Organization > Catalog) and the permissions tab for a security role (Admin > Security Role > [Selected Security role]> Permissions) in one click. Simply use Ctrl+F to locate the required setting after expanding the panels.

  • The Membership Expiration report no longer shows the setup fee for membership records; it only includes the main membership record to avoid duplicates for the same membership.

  • Enhancements to Appointment Book search that were introduced in the last release are now extended to all other screens in the application such as POS, Group Billing, Referral, Waitlist panel, Opportunity, and Gift Card recipient. 

  • Collections by Item report now also includes the Price column, so that you can export this data as part of the report and extract information by business unit. 

  • Centre Invoice Average report now also includes the #Invoices column (number of Invoices).

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