Read our December Upgrade blog post for major feature enhancements in the December 2016 release. What's New includes only the features that are not explained in the blog post.


  • Handle guest transition between multiple services smoothly

    For large and busy salons that have separate places for spa and salon treatments, ensuring that the therapist is aware of next appointment and any delays with first appointment becomes critical. The new Start and Complete statuses enables smoother journey for client by alerting relevant therapist at every step of the way.

  • Cancel scheduled appointments online

    Zenoti now enables your guests to confirm or cancel their appointments from webstore. Previously, guests could cancel only their online requests, but now they can cancel any scheduled appointments, booked online or at the center. The webstore also automatically processes any credit or debit card refunds on such cancellations.

  • Print the change on receipts

    Zenoti now prints the change amount that you give back to guests on the receipts. The change is printed below the Total Charged row on all receipt formats, and is also included in email receipts. If your center uses multiple currencies, the change is printed in local currency and in the currency in which the guest has paid.

  • Boost gift card conversion rates by enabling guest checkouts

    Zenoti-powered online stores now enable guests to buy gift cards without an online account. By removing the barrier of signing up, this feature helps you retain more shoppers who avoid new account fatigue. The hassle-free experience of guest checkout goes beyond buying a gift card. Customers can check their gift card balance or send the gift card email to others at any point after the sale – without ever having to sign up or sign in to an online account.

  • Access and print the gift card purchased online

    Zenoti now enables gift card buyers to view and print gift card emails from their online account. The printing can also be done by your front desk staff from the guest profile.


  • Improved membership refunds

    We’ve made the following enhancements to membership refunds to better align with multiple business flows:
    - You can now refund a cancelled membership.
    - When you refund any membership, the Close membership and Stop recurring collections options are turned off by default so as to prevent inadvertent cancellation of membership.

  • Allow purchase of day packages using loyalty points

    Zenoti already allows you to redeem loyalty points on services, classes, products, series, and custom packages. With this release, Zenoti allows loyalty points redemptions on day packages using both regular and tiered loyalty programs.

  • Maximize your membership or package sales with referral points

    You could already award loyalty points to guests who referred others customers. You can now provide additional incentives to such guests to encourage their referrals to buy memberships or packages. Zenoti now enables you to award one-time loyalty points to guests whose referrals purchase a membership or a package for the first time. You can use two new accrual settings (available in tiered, regular, and loyalty points promotion of a regular loyalty program) to award these points.

  • Better customer messaging on series packages

    We’ve enhanced the following email or text messages that are sent to customers on their series package payments or consumption:
    - On partial payments: For packages that are sold for partial payments, an email or text message is sent to the guest after every payment, showing the amount that they paid. We have enhanced this message to also include the total cost of the package and the amount due.
    - On redemptions: After every redemption, the thank you message that customers receive now also includes these details: The expiry date of the package The used and the remaining benefits on those packages


  • More meaningful records in the Employee Commissions report

    The Employee Commission report no longer shows all employee records by default, but only those who have earned some commission. This means, the report only shows relevant records to view. If you do want to view all employees in the report, select the Include employees with zero commission check box.
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  • Export Job-Service associations

    You can now export job-service commission associations. Click the relevant icon on the top right corner of the job listings page at the organization or center level to do so. Exporting all job-service assignments from a single place makes it easy for you to set up your job-service assignment and ensure all the relevant properties including commission, custom time, job-specific pricing are set up correctly. This also helps you to troubleshoot any issues related to job-service assignment quickly.


  • Introducing the Reports Module: Your one-stop for all reports

    We’re glad to introduce our new Reports module, your one-stop for all Zenoti reports. With over 400 reports, Zenoti provides you with deep insights on every aspect of your business. The new Reports module significantly enhances their usability with a re-imagined interface and the following benefits:

    Centralized access
    You can access all reports across all modules from the Reports tab using a easy-to-navigate side panel and module-specific filters. This ensures that you not only access any report at once, but also switch between relevant reports without switching the modules.

    Global search
    The Reports module comes with an intuitive search box that quickly finds reports as you type their name. The search results also include the module to which the reports belong, making it easy for you to pick the right ones.

    Favorite reports
    You can stay on top of the reports that you frequently use. Just mark a report as your favorite and it is shown at the center of the Reports tab among your other favorites.
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  • Track expired credits or balances from all Liability reports

    We’ve added a new column called Expired Amount to all the liability reports. This column shows the remaining balance or credit amount on the items that expired in the selected time period. The Liability – Packages report already had this column and we’ve extended this feature to the liability reports of all other items. Following is the list of reports that now have the Expired Amount column:

    Liability – Memberships
    Shows the sum of balance credit, price, or service credits of all the memberships that expired in the selected period, corresponding to the criteria that you filter the report on.

    Liability – Gift Cards
    Shows the sum of balance price or value of all the gift cards that expired in the selected period, corresponding to the criteria that you filter the report on.

    Liability – Prepaid Cards
    Shows the sum of balance price or value of all the prepaid cards that expired in the selected period, corresponding to the criteria that you filter the report on.

    Liability – Loyalty Points
    Shows the sum of all loyalty points that expired in the selected period.

  • Better sync between Membership Summary and Status reports

    The number of memberships that Membership Summary report shows for each membership status now exactly match with the numbers shown in the respective membership status reports (Active, Frozen, Cancelled, Expired, and Suspended).


  • Clean up guest data for more effective engagement

    Some of your guest records include duplicate or incorrect data. Zenoti now enables you to sanitize guest data with a few clicks. The Clean up Invalid Accounts and Manage Duplicates options introduced in this release help you delete invalid contact information and merge duplicate accounts based on matching personal or contact information – and in turn help you keep the information accurate and up-to-date.
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  • Capture Country Code for Guest Phone Numbers

    Making follow-up calls to your international visitors is now made easy. Zenoti allows you to capture the country codes of your guest along with their phone numbers. When you create a new guest record, the country code is by default set to the center where the record is created. However, you can select a different country code from the list as you create, and also edit it from the guest profile at any time in the future.
    Note: The country code of all your previous phone numbers are set to your organization’s country code after this release.

  • Send text messages to your international clients

    You can now send text messages (SMS) to your international visitors. This enables centers with multinational reach to send important transactional messages to their overseas guests. To enable this feature for your organization, contact Support. Note: Currently, this capability is available only for our Australian clients.

  • Transfer guest charges to member CTA (specific to organizations with CSI integrations)

    You can now take payments for a guest using any other member’s CTA (Charge to Account). We’ve added Member Transfer that is displayed when House Charge custom payment is selected in POS, which allows you to find and select a member with a CTA account. If the guest on the invoice has a CTA flag, the Member Transfer field shows their name by default. However, you can delete the name and find another member to charge. The CSI export also includes the Member Transfer field. Note: Zenoti doesn’t validate the member’s approval before charging their account. It is the responsibility of the employees in your center to take the member’s approval before charging them. We’ve made another change to CTA payments. When secondary members make payment using CTA, the Members Transfer field shows the secondary member’s name in POS. However, the payment is charged to primary member’s CTA and same gets reflected in CSI export.


  • The Appointment Book is updated to use newer controls. This helps in faster load times and speedier switching between dates and centers.

  • Appointment Book search is now enhanced to search for multiple words in the client’s first name or last name fields. For example, searching for Smith now returns Janis Brown Smith also (first name: Janis, last name: Brown Smith).

  • The Unaccounted column in Product Consumption Report now shows if reconciliation report is edited after it is closed.

  • The Current Stock report at the organization level shows the consolidated quantity of a product across all centers. You can now see center-wise quantities of your stock by exporting the report.

  • We’ve added Creation Date column to the Turnaways Report.

  • We’ve fixed incorrect Gift Card sale value issue in Register Summary Report.

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