Happy New Year! Your Zenoti account was upgraded with a number of great features on January 9, 2017. With this release, you can do more with gift cards, target segmentation, and securing employee data. Read on for what’s new.


  • Print gift card and prepaid card balance on receipts

    You can now print the gift card and prepaid card balance on receipts, when you pay using them. The receipt shows the available balance on the card after closing the sale invoice. To do so, navigate to Admin> Organization> Organizations> Settings> Invoice & Receipts> Enable Gift Card in the Print Before Payment and Print After Payment sections.

  • Easily update issue status, and view or add notes

    You can now update the status of an issue, view or add notes, from the guest profile. You no longer need to go to Loyalty > Issue Tracking to do so.
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  • Choose when to open your online bookings

    You can now enable online bookings for your center on a specific date in the future. This helps organizations opening new centers, as it allows them to open online bookings from the day of start.

  • Track payment transactions for tips

    Zenoti’s Close Payments window now displays a detailed view of tips as a part of the last closure details. It provides a breakdown of the tip amount collected using each payment type, and the number of times a payment type is used to collect tips.
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  • Quickly recognize members as you search for guests

    You can now see Membership, Expired Membership, and Suspended Membership icons next to relevant guest names when you search from here:
    - Appointment book
    - Bottom Appointment Panel
    - POS

  • Import more vouchers codes, many times

    You can now import up to 20,000 vouchers codes into a discount at once. Earlier, you could only import 5000 codes at once. Also, you can import vouchers codes any number of times by editing the discount.
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  • Take payment for suspended membership using a new card

    You can now charge a suspended membership using a new credit card without adding it in the guest profile. You can add the details of another card using the Add new card link that appears in the Charge window. This links appears only when you select the Online Credit Card option for payment.


  • Run Employee Commissions report for your entire organization

    You can now access Employee Commissions report at the Organization level. When you do so, it provides consolidated data of employee commissions of all your centers. It means, you no longer have to collate it from individual centers manually.
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  • Give role based access to reports

    You can now give role-based access to report categories so that employees only get to work with reports relevant to them. For example, you might want an accountant to view only finance related reports, such as sales, collection, revenue and accounting, but not other reports in Admin Module.
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  • Drill-down appointment details from the Booking Productivity report

    Analyzing the details of bookings made by your employees is an essential part of tracking their productivity. To help you switch between the numbers and details of bookings, we have provided a link from the Booking Productivity report to the Appointment Details report. Click the number in the #Of Appointments column in the Booking Productivity report to open the Appointment Details report.
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  • We've added a Select Refund Mode button to the Refund window, which replaces the Other Methods and Pre-paid card buttons. It lets you choose between prepaid or other refunds from a single place.

  • The invoices or receipts now show the applied gift and prepaid card numbers and their balance. This option doesn’t apply to one-time use cards.

  • Cancelling the first collection of a future membership sale no longer deletes the membership.

  • We’ve added a new filter to the Appointment Details report: Service Date or Appointment Creation date.

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