• Look up Prices Easily

    The new Price Check option in the Appointment Book’s menu allows you to check prices of services, products, packages, and memberships from within the Appointment Book, without having to access the Point of Sale (POS).
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  • Experience the Enhanced Calendar View

    The Appointment Book - Calendar View now has new colors, icons, and a new look and feel. Layouts are more compact, and optimized to give essential information at a glance.
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  • Avoid Double Booking Against Equipment

    Zenoti now allows you to block appointment bookings once the equipment capacity is reached. This avoids overlapping of bookings that use the same equipment. Zenoti alerts the front desk about the equipment being unavailable and prompts the front desk to reschedule the appointment.
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  • Add Confirmation Links in Reminder Emails

    The Appointment Reminder email notification template now includes a ConfirmLink macro that allows you to add a confirmation link in the email. It allows guests to confirm their appointments 24 hours ahead of time by clicking the link. Read help article

  • Hide Gift Card Numbers to Prevent Unauthorized Use

    You can now restrict access to gift card numbers from your front desk staff. Only the last two digits of the gift card number are exposed and each remaining digit is masked with an asterisk (*). Only employees with the required permission can view the complete gift card numbers.
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  • Allow Guests to Self Check-in to Appointments

    You can now setup self check-in and allow guests to sign in to their appointments and classes by themselves without having front desk staff or instructors signing them in. By setting up self check-in, you can:Free up front desk staff or instructors from the sign-in activity. Begin your appointments or classes faster as guests sign-in faster.


  • Stay on Top of Membership Renewals

    Most customers appreciate the ease and convenience of auto membership renewals. It helps them use membership benefits without interruptions, while keeping their revenues intact. You can now closely track renewals of your expiring memberships with these new features:
    - Use the new report called About to Expire: Shows memberships that are about to expire in a selected period and whether auto renewal is set up for them. Also, shows the name of the salesperson who is accountable, and other helpful details for resales.
    - Track a new column called Auto Renewal to all Status reports: Shows if auto renewal is set up for memberships that appear in the Status reports.

  • Prevent Overlooking Therapist Names in Membership Sales

    It’s easy to add a therapist’s name to a sales invoice, but is often overlooked. Therapists potentially lose their commissions when this happens. To avoid such errors, you can now enable a prompt that opens when a sale invoice doesn’t have more than one name. It helps you to add therapists’ names before closing the invoice.


  • Award Commissions on No Show and Canceled Invoices

    When guests do not come in for their appointments or cancel their appointments, therapists stand to lose out on commissions. To make up for their lost earnings, you can now award commissions on no show and canceled invoices. You need to configure relevant settings at the Organization, Center, and Service levels for this. You can track employee commissions on no show and canceled invoices from Employee Sales No Show/Cancellation Report, Employee Payroll Summary/Details Report, Employee Commissions Report, and Employee Dashboard.
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  • Predefine Rooms for Service Providers for Faster Bookings

    While booking appointments, it can be daunting for the front desk to match appointment times, service providers, and rooms. This may get especially challenging if yours is a facility with many rooms. For a smoother and faster booking process, you can now assign rooms to therapists for each shift from the Employee Schedule. When the front desk books appointments against therapists, Zenoti automatically selects the room assigned to the therapist. This means therapists can stay in their rooms and they can take on back-to-back appointments without loss of time. The front desk can always allocate another room for a service provider, if required.
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  • New columns in the Package Status Report

    To help you track packages for which guests pay in a recurring fashion on a predefined, scheduled basis, you can select a new checkbox in the report. Select the Show schedule payment dates checkbox to view the following new columns in the Package Status Report:
    - # of Scheduled Payments
    - # Scheduled Payments Completed
    - Due Amount
    - First, Next, and Last Scheduled Date
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  • Enhanced Register Summary Report

    The Register Summary Report now has a new section that displays Support Staff Gratuity (SSG) details categorized by payment types.


  • Make a Custom Payment Method Inactive

    You can now deactivate the custom payment method that you no longer use. Once inactive, the payment method will no longer appear as a payment option in the Point of Sale (POS) window.
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  • Flexibility to Reorder or Delete Gift Card Images from your Webstore

    Zenoti now provides you with the flexibility to reorder or delete images for gift cards that appear on your webstore. You can do so from the Gift Card template located at the Center level > Admin > Setup > Gift Card Templates > Select the template and click the Catalog tab.

  • Manage your Webstore Shopping Cart with Wider Options

    Zenoti’s new Cart settings allows your organization to define how the Book or Buy Now operation in the Webstore affects your guest’s shopping cart items. You can choose one of the following settings from the organization level:
    - Clear the cart once a guest proceeds to book or buy an item.
    - Add items to the cart and allow guests to review and delete the items from the cart during checkout.
    - Leave the cart unchanged and allow guests to check out only the item selected to book or purchase. Guests can view the items in the cart at any time.

  • Easy Switch from Old Online Accounts to Zenoti

    Customers often depend on your online stores for a variety of reasons. For booking appointments, buying products, or tracking their existing benefits, they look to your online platform for quick and safe access. Managing customer experience while migrating to a new online platform can be challenging. As you switch to Zenoti to reach your full potential, we make sure that your customers have a pleasant transition too. As a part of migration, we move all the guest data from their old online accounts to Zenoti. The guests can claim their accounts by clicking a link that’s sent to them via email or SMS, and choose a username and password.

  • Enhanced Feedback Form

    The feedback form now uses a 5 star rating system, instead of the existing 4 star system. You can also now create a feedback form with a set of customized questions across various categories such as ambience, cleanliness, service experience, and overall experience, which the guest can rate between 1 and 5 stars.
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  • Support for eGHL Integrations

    Zenoti now supports integration with eGHL in South East Asia - Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipphines, and Thailand. Note: Recurring payments, in-store card payments are not supported in these countries.


  • Membership Status reports now consider memberships to be active once the setup fee is paid, and not after the first scheduled payment.

  • The Product Revenue report now includes a Vendor column that allows you to filter data based on vendors. Read help article

  • Zenoti now provides a secure method for guests to reset their passwords online. To improve security, the password is no longer sent in clear text. Instead, the guest is sent a link to reset the password (that expires in 24 hrs).

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